Thanks again for everything. I can’t thank all of you enough for how easy and stress free this experience has been for me; it’s all because of the Golden Egg team!! You guys are amazing and I tell everyone how great you all have been. :) -donor

golden egg donation fee structure


Achieving your dreams with the help of fertility assistance can turn out to be an expensive process. We understand this and promise to work with you to make this experience as stress-free as possible. Fees are as follows:

Golden Egg Administrative Fee:

$7,500 for General Donors and  $10,500 for Premier Donors

Insurance (IVF Cycle Complication Insurance): Donor Coverage $398.35

Genetic Counseling: $300
Please note if your donor is a repeat donor or if your doctor does not require this service, it is optional

Psychological Evaluation: Ranges from $250-$450 (this depends on your doctor requirements)
Please note if your donor is a repeat donor or if your doctor does not require this service, it may not be applicable

Attorney Fees: $1,200 (if an outside attorney is used, additional costs may or may not apply)

Escrow Fee: $250

Donor Fee: Donor Fees typically range from $7,000 to $10,000 and increase for premium donors who have cycled successfully many times and are in high demand.

Travel fee: This may or may not apply depending on whether the donor travels or not. We estimate this cost being somewhere around $4,000 plus the cost of local monitoring for her. This is only an estimate as we cannot guarantee travel costs at any time. Also, be aware if the donor is considered local, but still has far to drive, she should be reimbursed appropriate gas/wear and tear money if applicable. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Travel Fees generally include:
-2x round-trip airfare travel
-1x round-trip air travel for companion
-Hotel – approximately $175 per day
-Car rental/ground transportation costs in town -approximately $75 per day -Outside medical monitoring- this varies based on numerous factors
-Per diem $75 per day
-Occasionally loss of wages applies, but you will be informed of this before selection of donor