Thanks again for everything. I can’t thank all of you enough for how easy and stress free this experience has been for me; it’s all because of the Golden Egg team!! You guys are amazing and I tell everyone how great you all have been. :) -donor


“This was our 3rd donor and third IVF attempt. I felt I had been through every donor agency and at times found it difficult to receive a return call or the information I needed to chose an appropriate donor. I came across Golden Egg Donation as a referral from a Dr.’s office. I was so delighted with the quick response and attention to detail I received with not only the owner, Alexis, but her staff as well. The donor I chose was not only a beautiful and ambitious girl but very responsible and respectful of how delicate and emotional this process is. My doctor was very pleased how serious she took her responsibility throughout the process. I am elated to say I am now pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I can’t thank Alexis and her wonderful staff enough for not only understanding how emotional this process can be but making it stress free and responding to all my questions and information to make this a successful IVF cycle. THANK YOU GOLDEN EGG DONATION.
A very pleased mother to be…” -recipient

“Being an egg donor for Alexis and her team at Golden Egg has been a rewarding and life enriching experience. Compared with other donation agencies I have worked with, the staff at Golden Egg are delicate in matching families with donors, efficient and flexible in planning the trip, and quick in responding to any surprises along the way. “ -donor

“ I am impressed with the attentive, personal care she gives her clients. Golden Egg is the best agency I have donated with and I recommend it above all others. “-donor

“I want to say Thank you so much for being there every step of the way with me.  I appreciate you letting me know how our donor was doing the whole time.  You were outstanding!  This process has been so smooth. It is hard to believe with all the stories you hear.  Thanks for matching me with the best and sweetest donor!“ -recipient

“You are an angel!  I would be so glad to recommend you to any nervous couple. Alexis, you have been nothing but simply amazing! -recipient

“Even our clinic had mentioned how great you were to work with. And they were shocked that you only charged the main 1st fee only after she was cleared to proceed. This, I  believe to a nervous client, would be comforting to know- most agencies want nearly all monies ahead of time- just for this common sense decision you make people really happy to work with you.” -recipient

“I will let our nurse know that your agency should be on their list of recommendations- which you were not on. They’re list had many big agencies.  But as we know bigger is not better!”-recipient

“Our experience working with you was great.  You were always very prompt in responding to our questions and worked to make everything go smoothly.  I have given your website and information to my OB/GYN who has other patients that may benefit from your services.  Thanks so much!” -recipient

“I did my first donation over a year ago, and although I was apprehensive at first and uncertain about this decision, I am so glad I made the choice to give.”-donor

“There are no words describing the feeling of being a part of making someone’s dream of having a family come true.. that is the greatest reward for me and best feeling, knowing that a loving family is now complete, and happy with my contribution to bring life into this world.”-donor

“I am so grateful also to know Alexis, she is one of the most loving, caring and supportive people I have ever met and will be a blessing for anyone deciding to work with her. Thank you Golden Egg for this golden opportunity to be a part of the life giving process!”-donor

“We are totally satisfied with Golden Egg and the personal service that was provided. We truly feel that we found the perfect egg donor, the young woman who was exactly right for us.”-recipient

“ I am now 11 1/2 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are about to realize a dream that at times seemed distant and even impossible. We appreciate the role that Golden Egg played in helping us realize this dream.”-recipient

“I could write a book on this one… the ups and downs from this process and all the while Alexis was so supportive and there for me. She made me feel like I could call anytime and I did!! She made this the best possible experience for me and I am so thrilled that I chose Golden Egg Donation. “-recipient

“No one could get that personal attention from any other place. I always felt like I was calling my friend, not a business associate.
Thank you, Alexis, for being a part of this experience, and if this works, I will be naming my daughter Alexis!!”-recipient

“No matter what agency I was donating with, Alexis was always the person I called when I had a question or was simply nervous. She was always patient, kind, compassionate and made me feel at ease.” – donor

“My husband and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met Alexis, who matched us with a bright, beautiful woman now blessing us with twins.”-recipient

“As a former donor and mother, Alexis exuded the care, compassion, and trustworthiness we found lacking at other agencies.”-recipient

“Committed less to the “business” of egg donation and more to the personal well-being of the clients, Alexis spent a great deal of time digesting the description of our ideal candidate and locating the perfect match.”-recipient

“Alexis’s attention to detail and integrity during the process were remarkable. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.”-recipient

“As a woman who has spent the past 6 years desperately trying to conceive in Australia & then travelling to America to continue my plight, Alexis has been my “guiding light” throughout this extremely emotional journey. I originally emailed her regarding donor eggs, and eventually used one of her incredible donors. Her constant communication & advise has been a source of strength for me; I truly believe she has kept me from crumbling.
Alexis, from the bottom of my heart I can only thank you, and hopefully one day send you a picture of my baby….and say thank you, “we did it”….. I couldn’t have done it without you; you’re an inspirational young lady.”-recipient

“We were very happy to work with Golden Egg. Throughout the process the whole team was very thoughtful and responsive to all of our questions. After trying to conceive for 3 years, this process turned out to be a god send and Golden Egg has really helped us to complete our dream of expanding our family. We have no hesitation in recommending GED to other prospective families.” -recipient