Lead Therapist: S. Fenella Das Gupta PhD Neuroscience, LMFT#47275.

Support Ovum Donor Recipients and Their Donors
~The stress of IVF cycling with Donor Eggs can be reduced


The stress associated with IVF cycling with donor eggs can often be under appreciated by physicians, and as a result, couples are only treated for the physical part of their problems. Couples are often thrown off by the emotional and psychological toll of the experience. We here at Golden Egg Donation fully appreciate what it means to take this step to becoming parents and take your emotional experience and concerns into consideration. Your successful journey is our successful journey.


How Does Stress affect my IVF treatment?


Distressing emotions can cause stress hormones such as cortisol to go into overdrive. An overproduction of stress hormones can then alter the body’s physiology in ways that are counterproductive implantation. The physiological response of fight or flight is kicked in. Reducing stress keeps the body’s hormones in balance so that there is a greater chance for the desired outcome of pregnancy.


How Do I Rate whether I need help?


Do you feel


* Depressed, angry or anxious
* Worried about your finances because of treatment
* Worried about treatment outcome
* Hope that friends and family won’t ask
* Wondering if you chose the right donor
* Wondering if your donor is going to go the long haul


-If you find yourself stuck on or concerned about these issues and have not spoken with a trained professional counselor, then the chances are you are carrying stress that may be alleviated through talk therapy.


How can counseling help me?


Therapy provides a way to express feelings, understand patterns of thinking and gain perspective on current events and relationships, set goals, and clarify dreams for the future. It can help alleviate suffering and add meaning to experiences. The therapists that work with Golden Egg Donation offer a compassionate form of therapy known as Humanistic Client Centered therapy. This uses a genuine, non-judgmental, and empathic approach, reflective
listening and tentative interpretations to promote self-understanding, acceptance and actualization. All our therapists seek to increase their clients’ mental health and act in a confidential manner.


Inquire about telephone counseling or Support Groups in California through Golden Egg Donation Emotional and Psychological Support for your Donor.


Your donor’s health and psychological well being is important to you and therefore to us. Inquire with Golden Egg Donation as to the availability for psychological support for your donor. This may be in the format of attending a weekly support group, or one on one individual support that can be arranged weekly or bi-weekly throughout the treatment process. If you have questions or other needs, please do not hesitate to contact Alexis at Golden Egg Donation.


Fenella is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in Petaluma, Northern California where she works with individuals and couples navigating the fertility treatment process. Having been an ovum donor recipient herself, she understands the complex, often tumultuous emotions that arise from going through the process. Utilizing a Humanistic approach that draws on your strengths, she will help you find balance and reconnect with your intuitive inner voice.


Her website is www.innermirror.com

Golden Egg Administrative Fee:


  • $7,500 for General Donors and $10,500 for Premier Donors
  • Insurance (IVF Cycle Complication Insurance): Donor Coverage $398.35
  • Genetic Counseling: $300


Please note if your donor is a repeat donor or if your doctor does not require this service, it is optional


Psychological Evaluation: Ranges from $250-$450 (this depends on your doctor requirements)

Please note if your donor is a repeat donor or if your doctor does not require this service, it may not be applicable


Attorney Fees: $1,200 (if an outside attorney is used, additional costs may or may not apply)


Escrow Fee: $250


Donor Fee: Donor Fees typically range from $7,000 to $10,000 and increase for premium donors who have cycled successfully many times and are in high demand.


Travel fee: This may or may not apply depending on whether the donor travels or not. We estimate this cost being somewhere around $4,000 plus the cost of local monitoring for her. This is only an estimate as we cannot guarantee travel costs at any time. Also, be aware if the donor is considered local, but still has far to drive, she should be reimbursed appropriate gas/wear and tear money if applicable. This will be decided on a case by case basis.


Travel Fees generally include:

  • 2x round-trip airfare travel
  • 1x round-trip air travel for companion
  • Hotel – approximately $175 per day
  • Car rental/ground transportation costs in town -approximately $75 per day
  • Outside medical monitoring- this varies based on numerous factors
  • Per diem $75 per day
  • Occasionally loss of wages applies, but you will be informed of this before selection of donor