Building a family with fertility assistance can become a very expensive process. We understand this and promise to be transparent with our fees. Our goal is to make this experience as stress-free as possible. Fees are as follows:

Golden Egg Administrative Fees:

  • Administrative Fee are $8,500 for General Donors
  • Administrative Fees are $10,500 for Premier Donors
  • Insurance (IVF Cycle Complication Insurance): Donor Coverage $398.55

Genetic Counseling: $275

Psychological Evaluation: $500.00

Attorney Fees: $1,200 (if an outside attorney is used, additional costs may or may not apply)

Escrow Fee: $350

Donor Fee: Donor Fees typically start at $9000 and do increase for premium donors who have cycled successfully before and are in higher demand.

Travel Fee: Travel Fees are determined on an individual cycle basis, and are just an estimate. We estimate costs to be around $6000. The costs are determined based on duration of cycle, incurred travel costs and location of donor. Some local donors may still receive applicable travel costs if incurred (uber/gas) if needed and applicable. At the end of the cycle if there is remaining money it will be reimbursed to you and we will bill if we incur additional costs.

Travel Fees typically include:

• 2x round-trip airfare travel
• 1x round-trip air travel for companion
• Hotel stay
• Car rental/ground transportation costs in town
• Per diem of $75 per day
• On occasion, loss of wages may apply. We will inform you of this before selection of your donor.

* Outside Monitoring is not included in this Travel Estimate and  is billed separately.

These prices are accurate as of August 1, 2022 and reflect the Cash/Check Price. If you would like to pay by card please note that a 5% service charge will apply.